In SE Michiganthe Basswood honey flow is the biggest honey flow of the year. But this year it might be different.  With hardly any rain, the trees might be to dry to produce Nectar. I have been watching the sweet clover and I do not see any bees working it, which means there is no Nectar in the flowers.

The unusually hot beginning to spring with frost and cold after words left us without the fruit bloom or the Black Locust tree bloom. Without some rain the pickings are going to be slim.

I have been getting many requests for queens. Looks like another season of poor queens. Many of the queens I purchased took 2 weeks before they started laying! ? I tried to order my queens in December and my normal suppliers were already sold out until mid May. Take my advice order early the good queen breeders sell out quick.

Bobilin Honey is going to raise some queens starting mid next month. Stay tuned for availability.

Next Bee Boot Camp is July 14. Same Time, Same Place!

Bobilin Honey

Bob Jastrzebski

“Bob the Bee Guy”