We provide a variety of beekeeping products to beekeepers in our community and beyond.


We sell our own locally produced honey in a variety of different sizes and forms. ¬†Whether you would like raw extracted honey or comb honey straight from the hive, we have you covered. Why buy honey in large supermarkets when you have no idea what you are buying? Do your family a favor and buy honey from your local beekeeper. If you don’t know your beekeeper, you don’t know your honey!

Bees for Sale

We sell sell packaged bees every Spring. Be sure to get your orders in early to make sure we have bees for you. We normally sell out very quickly.

Queens for Sale

We sell Carniolans queens. These bees are very gentle which makes them very attractive in an urban setting. They winter well and are good honey producers. They have also proven to be resistant to various diseases that commonly afflict honeybees.

Label Printing

Need labels for your locally produced honey? We print and sell labels to your specification

New and Used Equipment

We buy and sell used equipment.