The conference agenda was about what is killing your bees

Jamie Ellis was one of the speakers at the conference along with Randy Oliver.

In a nutshell. If you are not checking your mite load and treating for mites your bees will probably die. The recommended way to check is put about 100 bees in a jar pour in some rubbing alcohol and shake. Then pour through a coffee filter pick out the bees and count the mites. HERE IS THE SHOCKING PART!! 1-2 mites your ok. 3 mites you better start treating right now. 4-5 mites your bees are dead, you and they just don’t know it yet. The powder sugar roll is not accurate enough you have to use alcohol. PS powder sugar is not effective for treating for mites.

Now another eye opening fact. What you treat with and when is pretty important. For example Oxalic Acid is not effective all times of the year.

According to Jamie Ellis this site is the best site in the WORLD to help explain checking for mite loads, how to treat, when to treat and what to treat with. If you do not want to read they have 12 step by step videos you can watch.

Other sites that are helpful for keeping healthy bees (Jamie Ellis) (Randy Oliver)