What is Local Honey?

Everybody is talking about it, but what it is? Definitions seem to vary based on who you talk too.  Why is it important?

Need Pollinators?

BOBILIN HONEY offers pollination services from 2 hives for your Michigan backyard garden or many hives for your commercial pollination needs.

Honey: Things to Know

The FDA does not have any standards for honey. So you can call corn syrup and water honey. There is no official definition for Local Honey or Raw Honey that I can find.

About Bob the Bee Guy

I took Beekeeping Classes 9 years ago and started to raise bees (2) hives to pollinate my garden. I use to get 12-24 cucumbers now I get bushels from the same amount plants. I started with 2 hives and now have between 150 & 200.

News from Bob the Bee Guy

What makes our honey unique?

What makes our honey unique? 1) We harvest twice a year mid July and September 2) We harvest from an area and don’t mix areas. The above two philosophies lead to a high quality honey that has unique flavors depending on the Foliage, Area, Harvest and year. Very...