I have been asked how do we get so many bees to make it through the winter?

1) Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation, There is a lot of condensation in a hive and if that drips down on the bees their dead.

2) Constant care even in the winter. Depending on the bee’s situation Bruce, Randy and I go out at least every 2 weeks starting in December. Last year we went out every week starting in November. When we go out we check for honey, are the bees alive and if necessary start to feed sugar bricks. The beginning of February we start to feed pollen patties so they can start raising new bees.

3) Don’t be afraid to move honey from under where the bees are clustered to above them. Remember bees only go up during the winter not down.

4) We have lost only 18% so far this year. Which by modern standards is great.

5) With bees at $105 a package the extra time is worth it.