What is RAW HONEY??

IMG_0389That I know of there is no official definition for raw honey. This is what is most people consider what is RAW HONEY.

The myths
1) The more bee parts and wax floating on top the better. Common sense will tell you this is BS. I can ground up some bees and wax, put it on top and double the price.
2) The honey has to bee crystallized to bee raw. Again BS. Within 4-8 weeks all my honey is crystallized in the buckets. So I can put it in a container wait 4-8 weeks and double the price.

The facts
1) RAW Honey contains all the good stuff that the bees put in, Pollen, enzymes, wild yeast, and other compounds.
2) If honey is heated too high everything that makes honey, honey is killed. 150 degrees kills everything.
3) The majority of the honey in the big Grocery stores is heated to above150 degrees.
4) If you heat the honey and kill the wild yeast you can add water.
5) The heating also keeps the honey from crystallizing as fast adding to shelf life. If honey crystallizes on the store shelf they throw it out.
6) You do not know were the honey has come from and what chemicals that could be in it. Honey from other countries has been dumped down the drain by the FDA due to chemicals that were found in the honey. Some of them considered carcinogens (cancer causing). Not every barrel of honey is checked when it comes into the USA.
7) If the beekeeper treats with chemicals while having the honey boxes on, the honey will contain those compounds,

8) If you don’t know the Beekeeper you don’t know the honey. #bobthebeeguy

9) My honey is not heated over 110 degrees usually 100 degrees to liquefy it so it can be bottled.
10) The bee parts and wax is filtered out leaving all the good stuff and no yucky stuff.
11) The only 100% guarantee for RAW HONEY is COMB honey. There can be no processing, heating etc in comb honey. What you see is what you get.